Marva L. Lewis, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Marva L. Lewis is an Associate Professor at Tulane University with a Ph.D. in Sociocultural Psychology. Her past clinical experience includes work psychotherapist on an interdisciplinary team working with high risk infants placed in foster care in Colorado and Louisiana and work as a child protection social worker. Her scholarship focuses on the hair-combing task as a context for research, assessment, and intervention with caregivers and young children. She founded and Directs the Early Connections Center for Research and Training Center. She developed the Talk, Touch & Listen While Combing Hair community-based, parent support group focused on reunification of parents separated from their children due to incarceration or placement of the child into foster care. She has publicationed work on issues related to Childhood Experiences of Racial Acceptance and Rejection©,  intergenerational stress associated with internalized oppression and “colorism” (valuing light skin color), and family conflict resolution. She also developed tools for individual and organizational audits on stereotypes and emotions associated with topics of diversity. In 2011 she was commissioned by the National Zero to Three Safe Babies Court Teams to conduct a series of workshops titled, ‘Healing from the Historical Trauma of Slavery.’