Angela S. Breidenstine, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry

Angela S. Breidenstine, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry in the Tulane University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Division of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. She works as a psychologist with the Tulane Infant Team, where she supervises the clinical work of a pre-doctoral psychology intern and provides evaluation and intervention services for maltreated infants, toddlers, biological parents, and foster parents. Angie also works with the Tulane Parenting Education Program (T-PEP), where she provides parenting interventions to families involved in the child welfare system.  As part of T-PEP, she conducts clinical consultation with three other family resource programs around the state of LA. Angie is also a clinical psychologist with Tulane Infant Mental Health Services (TIMHS), a program that provides mental health evaluation and intervention services to low-income families with young children.  She is one of the coordinators and trainers for the Tulane Infant Mental Health Training program, which is offered to clinicians from the local community and from around the state.  In addition, Angie offers some evaluation and therapy services through Tulane Psychotherapy Associates, an outpatient clinic. Her research interests include questions related to developmental psychopathology, attachment relationships, and risk and resilience.